A former university teacher in France (eg, social sciences, political science and public law), as well as a farmer in organic agriculture (small berries), naturopath (specializing in chronic disease and cancer reversals and longevity medicine), wine therapy and journalist in Israel and Bordeaux, Christian has litigated international human rights cases at the European Court of Human Rights as well as constitutional, civil rights, products liability, tobacco racketeering (against Philip Morris, Reynolds and Brown WIlliamson Tobacco), legal malpractice, medical and wrongful death lawsuits in the United States. In Academia, he was elected to represent professors of a university department.

He created the international human rights law section of Gonzaga Law School in Spokane Wa, when Christian was a visiting adjunct Law Professor there. He worked a few months in teaching oenology, as wine was his father’s passion and in moderation, quality wine remains therapeutic, as confirm strong unbiased science. Christian has attended hundreds of health and legal symposia and workshops, either as a participant or as an observer. Of Jewish (from his Polish mother) and Catholic (from his French father) descent, he has embraced multiple cultures and has essentially lived in Europe, Israel and the United States.

Christian has given birth to a Wellness Center in the Eastern Pyrenees, a Holistic Medicine Law and Human Rights Institute in the United States and has worked in other Institutes in the fields of cancer research, neuroscience, optimal longevity, physics and happiness medicine. In 2003, he organized a holistic cancer symposium in a Cathares heretical Monastry in South France and launched a Holistic Wellbeing Campaign during the European Parliamentary elections of that same year.


Bordeaux’s Law School. Pierre et Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine (Paris, France), Ecole Fran├žaise d’Acupuncture, (three years of Chinese medicine education), clinical nutrition (Cnam) and naturopathy (Ceredor and Jus Cogens Institute), Ecole des Hautes Etudes en sciences socials (worked under the direction of Raymond Aron) and other educational institutions in Israel, the United States and Europe where he has studied oncology, anti-aging medicine, law and the legal protection of integrative medicine and chronic disease reversals. He was also trained at the International institute of human rights in Strasbourg, France and in public international law at the Hague academy in the Netherlands.

Gubernatorial experience

Having dutifully and consciously embraced the American citizenship, contrarily to most US born Americans who had no choices but to accept being an American, Christian was able to become a gubernatorial candidate in 2008, at which point he initiated the first holistic governance campaign in the US, which emerged as the third political force in Wa State. In 2012, the same campaign surfaced as the fifth political force.

From 2013 to 2015, Christian has been traveling working on a documentary and book on holistic oncology, as well as another research book on optimal longevity. He has also been examining possibilities to create Holistic well-being education, research retreat Centers in the United States. In 2016, with the coming elections, Christian has been refocusing on a holistic gubernatorial platform that could make a difference not only for Washington State and its People, but also for the Nation. For more, click here.

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