2016 Official Governor’s Statement

Christian Pierre Joubert’s Governor Statement published on Washington State’s SOS’s (Secretary of State) website

” Like thousands of Washingtonians, my parents were sacrificed on the altar of today’s cancer medicine. Inspired to help similarly misguided patients, I mindfully litigated for many years in Washington and Federal jurisdictions to change outdated medical standards.

During the 2008 gubernatorial campaign, my holistic message was well received: “The best speaker of the evening – judging from audience reactions – was Christian Pierre Joubert who is running for Governor. His issues were health and prosperity but it was how he spoke to us that got us with him in just two minutes” (Northwest Citizen Journal).

On election day, I was surprised to see that my holistic platform emerged as the third political force of the State.

In 2012, I followed up with a better holistic program and publicly debated governor Jay Inslee (at Seattle’s Stranger newspaper). The subsequent events showed that my program was the most relevant one.

However, Washington’s mainstream media silenced my holistic program while the Republican-Democratic legislature unconstitutionally blocked the State’s printed primary voters pamphlet funding. Likewise in 2016. (1)

I was therefore inspired to create a new Consciousness movement, the Holistic Party, as a unifying tool to restore the People’s wholeness, basic needs, informed consent & political sovereignty. As the Nation’s first Holistic Governor, I would thus promote holistically-inspired executive orders, regulations and nominations that would reverse chronic stress, diseases, corruption, pollution, debt, bureaucracy & plutocracy by over 80 percent within 4 years, thanks to which the State will have enough resources to ensure equal access to wellbeing, prosperity & justice. We will also build a magnificent “New Era” Statue of Holistic Responsibility and offer all Washingtonians a joyful one week “health-spa vacation” each year. See holisticparty.org for the evidence that supports Holistic Governance as the ultimate remedy to today’s failed politics”.

Elected Experience: In the academic & spiritual realms.

Other Professional Experience: Worked in multiple institutes & universities in law, medicine, public health, ecology & holistic agriculture. Expertise in cancer research, wine therapy, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, naturopathy, gerontology, neuroscience, law, diplomacy, International relations. Documentary maker (holistic oncology, sustainability & longevity). Superfood organic energy bar producer. Professor of International law in Europe & Gonzaga Law School (Spokane) where I established the School’s International human rights law program (1991).

Education: Law, Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Sociology, Ecology, Agriculture.

Community Service: Legal and educational contributions to encourage tobacco, food, medical, judicial & governmental leaders to embrace a holistic approach to business.


(206) 446-6079





(1). As i explained in my TVW 2016 speech, there are a few counties that did print county primary voters phamplets. But only 6 or 7 (according to the Secretary of State election department) because most of the other counties either dont have the funds or are not interested. Thus, a huge amount of voters will never get any printed primary pamphet. On line voters guide do exist, but many voters like the elderly or disabled don’t usually go online much. Only the November general  elections will have State printed voters phamphets.  The bottom line is that the non establishment candidates are disfavored. I explain a few legal problems with this Republican-Democrat “fait accompli” (unilateral decision) to not fund the printed  primary voters pamphets, contrarily to 2008.  All of this in my 2016 TVW speech, which is also in print and can be read or viewed via this link. 

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2016 (c). Holistic Party and Christian Pierre Joubert. All rights reserved


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