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POST SCRIPTUM VOTERS FEEDBACK ON TOBACCO TAXES: One voter kindly gave us his feedback that proposing high reckless taxes on cigarettes harms older smokers who have a difficult time quitting. To which the Joubert campaign now proposes that organic tobacco is made affordable or free for those smokers who have difficulty quitting as long as they are involved in a no less affordable or free tobacco cessation program, during which the tobacco drug can be gradually weaned from thanks to different holistic techniques which include an alkalinic diet (tobacco being very acid forming, alkalinic juicing helps alot to kick this habit) and ganja (cannabis) vaporizers provided Initiative 502 is passed. Be that as it may, the State’s duty is to protect individual rights and for those who want to grow organic tobacco (which does not have the additives and toxins that industrial cigarettes have) in their yard and consume it privately should remain a fundamental right, whether its tobacco (which remains a strong insectide in the garden), marijuana or other plants, provided it is used within the home premise without danger to others. The State should only be centered on the chemical molecules that really harm public health. And we know what these are as the combined hard alcohol, prescription drugs and industrial cigarettes, pesticides kill over two million Americans each year and costs taxpayers many trillions of dollars. Prohibition does not work, makes illegal drug cartels stronger. But education and high taxes work from the point of view of public health. And the respect of individual freedoms should allow the use of whatever privately provided it does not harm others. Guns can also be used to kill, yet they are legal. It’s all about how one uses whatever. And for this, the role of the State should be as indicated.
The Nuremberg Krupp trial concerning Ceo Krupp’s role in the extermination camps’ gas chambers and the manufacturing of arms, among other causes of action. Manufacturer and Ceo Alfred Krupp was found guilty of crimes against humanity (Click here for the relationship between this and industrial cigarettes). Mr Krupp also contributed from the treasury of the main Krupp company 4,738,446 marks to the Nazi Party fund. In June 1935 he contributed 100,000 marks to the Nazi Party out of his personal account (Evidence). He knowlingly provided the instruments of premature death to regulate Hitler’s ideology on “population control”. We have a text from one of Philip Morris former ceo’s on “cigarettes as population control” technique. (Evidence). Sadam Hussein was also condemned under the theory of crime against humanity for having gased to death Kurdes (whose village covered oil wells).
Question: can making huge profits like big tobacco with products that are known to cause suffering and death (even if death is delayed by a few years) be an “immune” issue as the Court said in the Joubert-Attorney General Rob McKenna lawsuit ? Is candidate Rob McKenna really sincere when he claims to really want to serve the public good ? (Click here for more)
“Those industries most directly involved were the major manufacturers of arms and critical raw materials, such as the huge Krupp and I.G. Farben enterprises, which employed large numbers of Jewish death camp inmates as slave laborers under inhumane conditions, as did many other companies, large and small; and the private vendors and suppliers of the critical implements of death, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide gas contained in prussic acid crystals (Zyklon B), and of the gas ovens, furnaces and chimneys used in the death camps to kill humans or dispose of their corpses. Many other industrial firms were involved in the Holocaust, such as the pharmaceutical firms which supported hideous medical experiments in the camps” (Evidence).
“The tobacco giant Philip Morris was flayed Tuesday for an economic analysis concluding that smoking is good for government coffers because it causes people to die prematurely, thereby saving pension and health care costs. In a report to the government of the Czech Republic that was made public Monday, the tobacco company estimated that the net economic benefit of smoking there was about 5.82 billion koruna ($147.1 million) in 1999. The report put the company’s argument starkly: “Our principal finding is that the negative financial effects of smoking — such as increased health care costs — are more than offset by positive effects such as excise tax and value-added taxes collected on tobacco products. The monetary estimate of benefits was based on the fact that the average smoker dies 4.3 years to 5.23 years earlier than a nonsmoker and is therefore less of an economic drain. The report, which was prepared by the consulting firm Arthur D. Little International, appeared to be one of the first direct acknowledgments by a tobacco company that smoking kills. The industry has previously recognized that cigarettes cause serious diseases, including cancer, but this report accepted without argument that smokers die prematurely. The report also acknowledged that second-hand smoke can be a health threat to nonsmokers. The British-based group Action on Smoking and Health said the study was “a sort of extermination program for the newly retired. The New York Times, July 18, 2001 Evidence
ABOVE: How American cigarettes are made: Among others hundreds of other chemicals, acetaldehyde, arsenic, benzoapyrene, cadmium, coumarin, crotonaldehyde, chromium, ethylcar bamate, formaldehyde, hydrazine, lead, nickel and radioactive polonium, acetaldehyde, acrolein, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl chloride, nitrogen dioxide, nicotine, hydrogen cyanide etc. (Cf the Surgeon General report, 1964, p 60 and 1989, pp 86-7.).
Above: industrial tobaco cessation: Proposal on how to start stopping: with Dr Chopra

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